China (Guangzhou) International Analytical Testing and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition

Exhibition introduction

2023 China (Guangzhou) International Analytical Testing and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition, exhibition time: 2023/03/09~03/11, exhibition location: China – Guangdong – Guangzhou Haizhu District Xingang East Road No. 1000 – Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo Center, organizer: Guangdong Science and Technology Exhibition, holding cycle: once a year, exhibition area: 15000 square meters, visitors: 8161 people, the number of exhibitors and exhibiting brands reached 412.

Since its establishment in 1999, after more than ten years of brand precipitation, CECIA has grown into the most representative and largest scientific instrument exhibition in South China, displaying products covering many fields, including analytical testing, measurement/measurement, laboratory technology, life science and biotechnology, etc., and in 2009, the South China International Laboratory Equipment Special Exhibition was added. In addition to technical product display, CECIA also attaches great importance to providing enterprises with a three-dimensional brand publicity platform, such as organizing product technology exchange meetings in the target industry for enterprises, organizing targeted enterprise-user friendship cocktail parties, organizing exhibitors online preview of new products, users online appointment negotiation, etc., a variety of channels to establish effective communication between enterprises and target users, but also improve the user’s procurement efficiency.

The concurrent technical seminars created by authoritative institutions attract thousands of professionals every year, and have become an important information exchange platform between the analysis and testing industry and major user industries.

The predecessor of China Laboratory Technology and Equipment Fair is the National Instrumented Glass Fair, that is, the National Chemical/Diagnostic Reagents, Analytical Instruments, Laboratory Equipment, Instruments, Glass Instruments Fair, as of June 2010 has successfully held 6 exhibitions, in the industry has a certain influence and authority, especially in the field of reagents, glass instruments is known as the most authoritative and influential professional exhibition. In 60, combined with the needs of the industry, the exhibition content increased the display of scientific instruments, expanded the variety of exhibitions, and launched the academic report on life science instruments and applications in 2004, which enhanced the radiation and professionalism of the exhibition.

Since 2007, in order to adapt to the new form of rapid market development, effectively improve the efficiency of enterprise participation, concentrate the visiting time of professional visitors, and highlight the role of professional media publicity, the China Laboratory Technology and Equipment Fair will be changed from twice a year to once a year.

As the only largest and most authoritative exhibition of laboratory reagents and general instruments in China, China Laboratory Technology and Equipment Fair (Expolab) focuses on the field of laboratory research and application, through the display of various laboratory reagent consumables, general instruments and other related products and services, reflecting the development direction of technology and equipment in all aspects of China’s laboratory field, especially focusing on food and drug research and development and quality testing, disease control, inspection and quarantine and laboratory infrastructure and other fields. It is the best business platform for the procurement and technical exchange of related products and services in China.